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Ahmed Deedat on Iran:
A Nation Reborn
 A speech delivered by Br. Ahmed Deedat in South Africa,
after a visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1982.
"A nation that is not afraid. You know it terrified me. It terrified me to see those scenes there when they say "Death to America". We got the jitters, now he is provoking the big devil and the big devil is big enough to give a side swipe and make you go to sleep. America is capable of doing that isn't it? But they say "Death to America". Then they say "Death to Russia" imagine. Imagine, one big devil there and another devil there. They say death to this devil and death to that one. Then they say Death to Israel. Can you imagine a nation doing that and surviving it all. Not afraid, not in the least. That is the Islamic spirit that is permanately in their hearts and minds. They are not talking of an Iranian revolution. They are talking about an Islamic Revolution. If you say "Iranian", they will say "Islamic" Revolution because its a revolution for Islam. No wonder the nations of the world cannot stomach it. It is Islam they cannot stomach."
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