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If you are organising an event in support of Palestine or related to the subject then contact us and we will feature it on our calendar.

DISCLAIMER: Innovative Minds is not responsible for any of the events featured on the calendar - for further information please check out the organisers of the event before attending.


APRIL 2002:

DATE: Saturday, 20 April 2002, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
VENUE: Washington DC, USA


Stop the War - March on Washington

Join us on April 20th to demand:

  • A U.S. foreign policy based upon social and economic justice, not military and corporate oppression.
  • An end to racial profiling and military recruitment targeting youth of color and working class youth.
  • Government funding for programs to benefit the economic victims of the 9-11 attacks and the recession.
  • An end to the degrading and secret imprisonment of immigrants.
  • Increased funding for non-military-based financial aid for education
  • Full disclosure of military contracts with universities.

Preparatory events will be held in various cities prior to April 20th. Trainings and other activities will take place that weekend, including the Colombia Mobilization rally on April 21 and lobbying on April 22 and 23.

More Info :




DATE: Saturday, 20th April 2002, 3pm to 9pm
VENUE: Amaana Centre - Muath Welfare Trust,
Stratford Road - Birmingham


Silence is Consent: The Threat To The Ummah & The Call For Action


  • Dr M Massari, Key note speaker
  • Abu Yusuf, UK Human Rights Lawyer
  • Faisal Bodi, Journalist,
  • Abdul Karim, Author of the Shadows
  • Massoud Shadjareh, Islamic Human Rights Commission
  • Abdul Rashid - Hamid, Boycott Campaigns
  • Nadeem Amin, Muslim Intelligentsia Project

To Also Include Speakers from :

  • Helpline for Muslim Women and Children
  • MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Committee.)
  • Muslim Scouts.

Voluntary Contribution Fee from £5 (unwaged) to £10 (waged) - all
proceeds will go to Islamic charities

Attendance is by confirmation only - places are limited and will be
offered on a first come first serve basis.

To reserve a place please E-mail:

NB: this event was postponed from 13 April 2001



The event is organised by:

The Muslim Lawyers Committee,
Muslim Public Affairs Committee,,
Islamic Human Rights Commission

And Sponsored by Black Banner Media and Waha Media

DATE: Saturday, 20th April 2002, 12 noon

John Frost Square,
Newport City Centre


Palestine Solidarity Campaign Cymru Demonstration




PSC Cymru

DATE: Wednesday 17th April 2002,
9:30am to 6pm (come along when you can)
VENUE: Wembley Conference Centre,
Empire Way, HA9 0DZ

Tube: Wembley Park (Jubilee Line/ Metropolitan Line)
Overground: Wembley Stadium. Buses: 83, 92, 182 and 204


DEMONSTRATION: at the Zionist Federation's annual event - "Celebrating Israel"

The Zionist Federation are celebrating the founding of the State of Israel with the Israeli Government Tourist Office, United Jewish Israel Appeal and JNF and their sponsors El Al, Wizo, The Board of Deputies, and Christian Friends of Israel.

We must show solidarity with the Palestinians and protest at their ongoing oppression - join us to express outrage at continuing Israeli war crimes, demand an end to the occupation and flouting of international law, and challenge this 'celebration' of the Nakba.

For more information contact PSC:

Tel: 0207 700 6192


IHRC Announcement:

IHRC is joining other organisations and individuals from Muslim, Christian, Jewish and other faith and non-faith backgrounds to protest against the Zionist Federations’ annual celebration of the founding of the State of Israel. 

IHRC will be there from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.  Please attend in numbers to ensure that the voice of justice is heard in opposition to the continued Zionist oppression and slaughter in Palestine.

Islamic Human Rights Commission
Tel: 020-8902-0888


Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, IHRC

DATE: Saturday, 13th April 2002 1pm - 5pm
VENUE: Rally starts at Hyde Park, march to Trafalgar Square, London


Palestine Rally -London

Excpected attendence 20,000 - dont miss it!

Speakers : Jeremy Corbyn MP & others

Called by:
Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)
Supported by:

Muslim Council of Britain,
UK Islamic Mission,
Islamic Human Rights Commission,
Stop the War Coalition,
Palestinian Return Centre,
Mayfair Islamic Centre,
Palestinian Forum,


MAB, PO Box 21238, London, W9 3FJ
tel: 020 7272 2888
fax: 020 7272 2226


Transport contacts:


  • Email:
    Mobile: 07958329879


  • Email:
    Mobile: 07968757248


  • Email:
    Mobile: 07773371148

To help as a steward on the day, contact  07958 329 879

To help distribute flyers, contact 07957 464 465


Muslim Association of Britain

DATE: Saturday, 13th April 2002
VENUE: Rally starts at Cardiff City Hall
12 Noon


Palestine Rally -Cardiff




DATE: Friday, 12th April 2002

Pleasance Theatre.
Carpenters Mews, North Road
London N7 9EF
(500 yrds from Caledonian Road Tube Station, one stop up from King's cross Tube on the Piccadilly Line)

BOX OFFICE: 020 7609 1800


Play: Bitter Fruit of Palestine

Play by Richard Morris, directed by Ruth Carney in association with The Caird Company. Reading at The Pleasance Theatre on April 12th as part of the Playing Soldiers season.

The Bitter Fruit Of Palestine

Have been researching this idea for some time. The conflict in Israel.

Using imagination and documented evidence this illuminates some of the attitudes and actions that have led to the present situation in Israel.

The first part of play starts with the evocation of the humilities suffered by a mixed race couple in Dresden in the build up to Second World War and leads on to discussion by Nazi leaders of the Final Solution. The second half will take place in Palestine and attempts to deal with Zionism and its effects on Arabs and Jews alike.



The Pleasance Theatre

DATE: Thursday 11th April 2002, 12-2pm
VENUE: Parliament Hill,


Immediate End to Israeli Occupation

‘Women Against Occupation’ invite you to join in "A Women’s Demonstration" in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

We call upon all women in Canada to join in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We call on the Government of Canada to respond to Israel’s continuing non-compliance with the rule of Law by joining the international community in the censure and sanction of the illegal Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

Put an immediate end to Palestinian suffering.

Stop the terror against Palestinian women, children and men.

Demand an immediate withdrawal of Israeli occupying forces from the occupied territories.

Pressure the Israeli government to abide by international law.

Send an international peace keeping force to the occupied territories.

Send a Canadian delegation to monitor Israeli violations of human rights.

All women are invited. Men are welcome too.
(Dress in black if you can).


The event is organised by:

Women Against Occupation, The Women’s Committee in the Palestinian Canadian foundation, the General Union of Palestinian Canadian Women, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), the Palestinian Women Association-Ottawa.

DATE: Monday 8th April 2002, 7pm
VENUE: Conway Hall,
Red Lion Sq, Holborn, London WC1


Human Rights & Handcrafts: Palestine Crafts Today

Carol Morton, secretary of the Scottish Palestinian Forum founder of Palcrafts, non-profit Fair Trade organisation, & Colin Morton, Honorary Canon of St George's Cathedral, Jerusalem

This slide show and talk follows their recent journey through the Occupied Territories, punctuated by roadblocks and checkpoints, from Gaza to Hebron, Bethlehem & Ramallah, showing the devastating effects of attacks & closure on the lives and economy of the Palestinian people struggling to live under occupation. Join us for this audio-visual presentation showing the reality on the ground for some of the most marginalised of the Palestinian population - women and other craft producers in community-based workshops in refugee camps and villages - demonstrating their tenacity in ensuring economic survival and preservation of threatened cultural identity. With the Palestinian economy wrecked by Israeli oppression many families' only income is from sale of traditional craftsJoin us to support them and discuss solidarity activism

"The overwhelming majority of stories told by members of the groups were of isolation, few visitors, few sales, need to stop production if not close the project altogether. There was a frequent appeal for sales, not donations. Sales validate the person, the organization, the community, the nation ... We must never give up our support for Palestinians in their struggle for freedom ... Please continue in every way possible your own non-violent resistance: boycott Israeli goods, buy Palestinian; learn more about the situation and write letters to your MSP, MP, MEP; join movements and demonstrate; use whatever skills and talents you have."

Palcrafts report Carol Morton Jan. 02

For further information email:


The event is organised by:

Palestine Solidarity Campaign, London branch and Palcrafts

DATE: Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April 2002, 10.00am-6.00pm
VENUE: Brunei Gallery
Thornhaugh St.
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG


Conference: Israeli Law of Return

International Conference on “Israeli Law of Return and its Impact on the Conflict in Palestine”

More than fifty years have elapsed since the Zionist entity enacted one of its most important pieces of legislation aimed at creating an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine. The adoption of the Israeli Law of Return in July 1950 cleared the way for Jews anywhere in the world to migrate to Israel and automatically become citizens. Shortly after, similar legal obstacles were enforced to prevent the return of evicted and exiled Palestinians to their homeland.

Registration fee: £10 Students, £20 Others, (closing date 25th March 2002)

Crown House
North Circular Road
NW10 7PN

Tel: 0208 453 0919





DATE: Saturday 6th April 2002, 2:30pm

The march will depart from:
Marble Arch, London
at 2:30 pm,
and proceed towards Whitehall Place.

Tube: Marble Arch
Buses stopping at Marble Arch: 2 6 7 10 12 15 16 23 30 36 73 74 82 94 98 137 159 274



NO to attacking Iraqi People
NO to Saddam Hussein
NO to UN economic sanctions
YES to a free Iraq

The Iraqi issue has constantly been the focus of many campaigns by people of conscience. Some have been calling for an end to sanctions, others have been rallying human rights issues, while others are demanding that the Iraqi people should not be attacked. Yet, all are united by one common focus; the oppressed, suffering, starving, dying, tortured People of Iraq.

At such a crucial time in the history of Iraq, the innocent, voiceless people of this tragic nation need us to speak out for them. No longer can we stand by in silence as the suffering continues. In order to unite under their name and stand for what is right in Iraq, please attend this march for Iraq.

Aims of the demonstration

1. To show solidarity with the starving and oppressed Iraqi civilians.

2. We oppose any aggression against the Iraqi people, and hence:

1. Call for the lifting of non-military sanctions, which have produced a humanitarian disaster of extraordinary proportions in Iraq.
2. Oppose any military action against Iraqi civilians.

3. To demand that Saddam Hussein and his regime be put on trial for crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against peace and genocide.

4. To encourage the formation of a free Iraq.

For more information:

Tel: 07736 389 400

Leaflet for printing (word doc): A4(4xA6) or A4(2xA5)
Leaflet for emailing (small jpg image)


NB: This march is held every year in commemoration of the martyrdom of the renowned Islamic scholar Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr and his learned sister Bintul-Huda (Amina) who were killed on 9th April, 1980 by Sadaam after subjecting them to utmost tortures.


Organised by the Iraqi Human Rights Division, in collaboration with Imperial College Iraqi Society and Queen Mary Iraqi Society

DATE: Monday 1st April 2002,
3:00 - 5:30pm
VENUE: 10 Downing Street,
Nearest tube station: Charing Cross or Westminster


Mass picket opposite 10 Downing Street

To demonstrate support and solidarity with the Palestinian people.
To demand immediate and meaningful intervention by the elected British Government to stop the massacre against the Palestinian that is committed by the Israelis.

Muslim Association of Britain:
Tel: 020 72722888

Sorry for the short notice.


Muslim Association of Britain




If you are organising an event in support of Palestine or related to the subject then contact us and we will feature it on our calendar.

DISCLAIMER: Innovative Minds is not responsible for any of the events featured on the calendar - for further information please check out the organisers of the event before attending.