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Fuji "map with no Israel" hoax

Fuji maps were discovered without Israel on them, the following internet alert was received:

Please inform your family and friends that Subaru-Fuji & Fuji Co. removed Israel from its complimentary world map that they gave to their customers with purchases. Yes, in Fuji stores abroad you receive the world map without Israel!!!

According to Fuji, Israel just does not exist... It is most likely done to entice Arab customers. I am sure that a map without Israel makes Arabs happy, very happy... It is a very dangerous precedent it looks like an indication that Arab calls for the boycott of Israel may start bearing fruits. In response, many Israelis today called for a boycott of all Fuji products -- film, cameras, batteries etc.

This Fuji action is the worst possible insult for Israel. Please spread the word around - ARAB buying power can do wonders.


Fujifilm denied the story and issued this staement:

No Fujifilm company or distributor published or distributed a map of the kind we have heard described, and Fujifilm in no way sanctioned the production of such a map.

In looking into the matter, we have learned that a third party wholesaler in the Republique de Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) produced a calendar with such a map. They did so on their own initiative, combining the map with our logo without our permission and in violation of our policy regarding the use of the Fujifilm logo.

Fujifilm is greatly disturbed that someone would violate our policies and link our company's good name to something we find unacceptable. As soon as we learned of the problem, corrective action was taken to stop the distribution of these calendars.   Fujifilm appreciates the opportunity to share the actual facts of this matter, and to provide every assurance that Fujifilm is a company of the highest stature and integrity.


Further information from zionist site

No Problem With Fuji Film:

Many of our members have voiced concern that the Fuji Film company has printed a map withoutout Israel, and that they are giving it away as a gift.

We are pleased to tell you that this is not the case. We have contacted a representative at the Fuji company, and we have learned that the problem was isolated to a dealer in Africa who created a calendar without permission from Fuji. Fuji was embarrassed by this, and they tell us that they have taken immediate steps to rectify the problem with that one dealer.

They have also issued a public apology in Israel. Please read the letter below, written by Khaim Benkuzari , (Product Manager Shimone Group Israel, Fuji Film Distributor) followed by their press release which explains more.

In these pressured times, it is important for us to check out facts before we spread information that may or may not be accurate. Thank you for being patient with us at standwithus as we looked into this.

Dear Standwithus and friends of standwithus members, Please find attached a clarification FUJI FILM had made two Days ago, the article was published in The Hebrew version of believe it will clear the atmosphere because, Fuji Film for very long Period is working with Israel, though the Arab boycott had caused them A lot of damage during the 70s and 80s. Please forward this information to you members. Khaim Benkuzari Product Manager Shimone Group Israel, Fuji Film Distributor.

Translated from:

Fuji apologized for omitting Israel from a map distributed in its name.

The president of the company came to the Israeli embassy in Japan and clarified that the mistake was a local error of a distributor and not the policy of the company

The president of Fuji international recently came to a meeting at the Israeli embassy in Japan to apologize for the omission of the name of the state of Israel from a calendar which was distributed in the name of the company in advance of the forthcoming Mondial.

The general manager of Fuji international, Shigetaka Komori, requested the clarification meeting at the Israeli embassy in Tokyo as a result of the publication of the subject in ynet. (see link). Shigetaka told the Israeli ambassador that an investigation carried out by the company revealed that the calendar was produced by as a local initiative in the Ivory Coast by a business owner not connected with Fuji. The calendar was printed in Lebanon and there the name ofIsrael and its capital were omitted.

The general manager of Fuji said that that in the official calendar of the company, the name of Israel appears. He clarified that the company has always taken care to maintain friendly relations with Israel and that this matter embarrassed Fuji and it regretted it. He said that the company warned the business owner not to distribute any more of the calendars in their present version, and instructed him to collect as many as possible of the erroneous calendars that were distributed.

The Israeli ambassador in Tokyo said that he was impressed by the apology of the company and had told the Japanese representatives that Israel fully accepts the explanation and that from its point of view the matter is closed.

The deputy spokesman of the foreign ministry, Emanuel Nachshon, said in response Israel compliments the words of the president of the company and sees this as an end to the matter. The foreign ministry will continue to follow attempts to harm the state of Israel, among other things, attempts of commercial enterprises to erase Israel from the map.