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Israeli exporters complain of
European boycott

May 05, 2002
By Reuters

TEL AVIV - Israel's Manufacturers Association said on Sunday its members had made dozens of complaints that their goods were being boycotted in Europe and that clients and suppliers had threatened not to work with Israeli firms.

The association is calling on the government to provide aid and guarantees to exporters to bolster the confidence of foreign customers and suppliers that they are not at risk of suffering financial damage from working with Israeli companies.

Defense goods, including parts for planes and tanks, were not arriving from Europe due to claims that arms could not be supplied to a region where a war was taking place between armed forces and civilians, the association said, referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In addition, Britain, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland had refused to issue export certificates for goods that could have military uses, it said.

The association said foreign customers were not travelling to Israel because of the security situation, forcing Israeli suppliers to travel abroad and to substantially reduce prices to prevent business from being lost.

European buyers were also hesitating to make advance payments for goods for fear they would not arrive, the association added.