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Jewish Rabbi:
Israel a state against God!

Arabic News

May 9, 2002

A prominent Jewish rabbi considered Israel as a state standing "against God, against Torah, and against the Jewish religion." He added that it caused many tragic events to both Palestinians and Jews.

The Zionist movement, he said, that was behind establishing the Israeli state, is based on blood shedding, destruction, killing and terrorism. On the other hand, he supported the right of Palestinians in resistance and restoring their complete usurped homeland.

The rabbi, Israel David Wyce, speaker of the Natouri Karta group, that opposes the Zionist movement, went on to say that Zionism is a secular movement.

Zionists, he elaborated, are heretics and stand in the face of the Jewish spiritual teachings.

The Jewish rabbi, said Zionism is no more than a racist nationalist non-religious movement set up by those who veered away from the pure Jewish religion.

The Torah (Old Testament), he pointed out, provides that the Jews were given the land of Palestine thousands of years before.

Yet, due to their sins they were dismissed from that land; they went astray.

Hence, the Jews are never entitled to establish a Jewish state on the Palestinian territory as this is opposed to the Jewish instructions and it is even against God's will.

Most of the Jews, up to the second world war, the rabbi said, were extremely opposed to the Zionist movement.

They accused Zionists of turning Judaism from a spiritual religion into a racist secular movement.

Theodore Hertzel, founder of the Zionist movement, was not a religious Jewish. He exploited the Jewish religion to distract and misguide the Jews.

The rabbi recalled that the Zionist forces used to blast off the Jewish temples and scare the Jews so that they might emigrate and usurp the land of Palestine from the original owners.

The man squarely accused the Zionists and the occupying Israeli army of committing carnage, heinous massacres against the Palestinian as well as against the Jewish people.

He termed the Palestinian resistance a legitimate action and normal reaction against Zionist offenses.