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Boycott Israel

Letter to the Editor
Al-Ahram Weekly Online
21 - 27 February 2002
Issue No.574

Sir- Britain has long supported the Zionist project. Empire builders like Churchill dreamed of "loyal Jewish Ulster" -- to keep the troublesome locals in order no doubt. Britain's continuing support for the Zionist occupation has been underlined by Tony Blair's appointment of Lord Levy, a former activist in the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Israel Appeal, as a special envoy to the Middle East. Her Majesty's government also allows British companies like Land Rover and Ford to supply the Zionist occupiers with vehicles. Some of the parts for the Apache helicopters and fighter planes used by the Zionists are made in Britain.

Many people in Britain -- Muslims, Christians, and anti-Zionist Jews ashamed of having their spiritual and cultural heritage hijacked by a bunch of gangsters -- are calling for a boycott of British- based companies which support Israel. Information about these companies can be found on the web site

Many of the shops in London's West End stock goods made in Israel, or, contrary to British law, goods from the occupied territories illegally labelled "made in Israel." A boycott of such products is an effective way of registering a protest about the policies of the Israeli government. It will also show British retailers that their support for the bloody Zionist regime has a price.

Some illegally labelled settlement goods are currently being sold at the celebrated department store Harrods. I am told the store's flamboyant Egyptian- born owner Mohamed Fayed is reconsidering these sales at the moment.

Another famous name, which is contributing to the Israeli economy, is Marks & Spencer. This company not only sells millions of dollars' worth of Israeli goods, it also promotes British-Israeli trade organisation.

I trust all people who believe in justice for the Palestinians will oppose their oppressors by boycotting goods and companies which support the Zionist state.

Nasser Al-Mashadi