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Jordainian PM warns trade unions against US boycott

Abul Ragheb warns trade unions form politicizing its works

Arabic News,
Jordan, Politics
29 June 2002

The Jordanian Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb has warned the Jordanian vocational trade unions from giving priority to the political activism and called on them to concentrate on trade union activity.

Jordanian official sources said that this warning came after the Jordanian security on Tuesday prevented vocational trade unions from organizing a festival to encourage boycotting of American goods in protest of the American bias to Israel.

During his meeting on Thursday with heads and members of the vocational trade unions councils members Abul Ragheb warned of "giving trade unions priority to political work so as this will not negatively reflect on its vocational performance."

Abul Ragheb stressed "trade unions laws do not permit politicizing vocational work and the government refuses trade unions to side with any part or political side," according to the same sources.

In statements following the meeting, Hashem Gharebah, the chairman of the vocational trade union said that the government insisted during that meeting on its position in "rejecting to permit trade unions to organize a festival for boycotting the American goods." Gharebah stressed that on the basis of the right of the citizen to self expression, the trade unions cling to their position in "rejecting any form of normalization with Israel and boycott of the American goods." The 13 Jordanian trade unions include 100,000 subscribed members.