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US talk show host: Boycott Timberland over Israel support

Jerusalem Post
29 April 2002


A US radio talk show host, who supports Palestinian claims, has issued a call to boycott products made by the Timberland shoe company.

Host Andy Martin, who works for WPBR-AM in West Palm Beach Florida, suggested the company change its name to "Murder Inc." in light of CEO Jeffrey Schwartz' call for supporting Israel.

"I just threw my Timberland boots in the garbage," and April 30th I will issue a call for an international boycott of Timberland. I also think people should picket Timberland company stores," Martin said.

"The CEO of Timberland wants to bring Israeli murders to the United States to brag about the rape of Jenin. He spent 96 hours in Israel and becomes an expert. Palestinians have lived in the Holy Land for thousands of years and they are being dispossessed by Russian invaders who have no ties to the land," Martin said.

"I suggest Mr. Schwartz change the name of his company to 'Murder Inc.' in honor of the Sharon junta and the IDF rampage in Palestine which vandalized Palestinian busnesses, banks, insurance companies and government offices.

"It is precisesly Schwartz' stereotype that American Jewish businessmen seek to link their shareholders' money to Israeli politics that creates the underpinnings of anti-Semitism. We must not travel that road again, despite Mr. Schwartz' invitation. I think stockholders sould condemn Schwartz' demand for Israeli propaganda experts to come to the United States. We already have AIPAC to do the job. "Schwartz says Israel has not built a brand.

"Israel's 'brand' has been built for fifty-four years. It is increasingly becoming a pale replica of the swastika. Mr. Schwartz's views can be read in full in the Jerusalem Post for April 26th," Martin said, according to a WAFA Palestinian Authority news agency release.