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What we've given Israelis
- UK Arms exports to Israel

The Mirror (UK)
10 July 2002


UK arms exports to Israel from 1997-2001 (from Strategic Export Controls annual reports)

1997: 181 licences granted (60 under Tories to May 1 election), including aircraft engines, spares and components, shotgun ammunition, missiles and launchers, military explosives, gun spares, smoke pellets, tear gas.

1998: 309 licences granted, of which 88 were open ended, including combat aircraft castings, optical target tracking, components for airborne targeting system,ARMS: Anti-tank guns assault vehicles, body armour, combat aircraft, command and control vehicles, flight simulator, machine guns, light guns, light gun ammunition.

1999: 229 licences (39 were open ended), worth £11.5million, including: air rifles, airborne surveillance systems, components for armoured fighting vehicles, air to surface missiles, bombs, combat aircraft, combat helicopters, heavy gun ammunition, missile control/launching system, smoke canisters, and small arms ammunition, castings for airborne targeting system, combat aircraft, infrared/thermal imaging equipment, training aircraft, grenades and tanks.

2000: 209 licences (18 were open ended), worth £12.5million, including anti-aircraft ammunition, anti-aircraft guns, components for anti-tank missiles, components for armoured fighting vehicles, components for combat aircraft, components for combat helicopters, components for tanks, components for rifles, components for small calibre artillery ammunition, equipment for anti-aircraft guns, rifles, small arms ammunition.

2001: 299 licences (23 open-ended). Details released later this month.

Jan-Apr 2002: 59 licences.

EXPORT: JDAM vehicles


Major US arms exports to Israel include:

1997: 64 air-to-air missiles

1999: 50 F-16i fighter jets, £1bn; 480 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles

2000: 5 B200 combat helicopters; 57 AMRAAM air to air missiles; 9 AH-64D helicopters; 35 UH-60L helicopters

2001: Nine new Boeing Apache AH-64Ds for army, £400m; 24 Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk utility helicopters; 52 F-16i ground attack fighters, £1.6bn; 50 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets, £1bn.

2002: Rifle parts and 30,000 M-16 rifles; 102 M61 Gatling Guns for F-16i fighters, £4m; 24 Black Hawk helicopters from Sikorsky, £170m; 228 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) guided vehicles, £3.5m.