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Only Blonds Can Explain Israeli Foreign Policy

IslamOnline & News Agencies
Additional reporting by Khaled Mamdouh, IOL Staff
14 June 2002


The Israeli Foreign Ministry is adopting a new policy that depends on appointing blond women in media posts so that they explain the stands of the Israeli government concerning various issues. The move was dubbed “racist and abusive of women rights” by feminist activists in the Middle East.

Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahranot said Friday, June 14, 2002, that the media adviser to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, American, recommended appointing women in media posts, especially those with blond hair to explain the government stands to the international television networks.

The paper said that the Israeli Foreign Ministry received this recommendation while it was discussing the problems facing the Israeli media corps abroad.

The ministry has received many e-mails and phone calls from Israeli women who want to apply for the job, while many others sent their photos, the paper said.

The applicants for this job in the Foreign Ministry were not limited to Israeli women, as many Russian and American immigrants have also sent their photos and resumes to the ministry, the paper said.

Commenting on the issue, an Egyptian feminist activist accused the Israeli government of “abusing women rights and using racist ways to mislead the world”.

Dr. Sahar el-Mogy, writer and teacher at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, told IslamOnline Friday that she was not “actually surprised, because Israel itself is an illegal entity in the first place.

“To resort to cheap, racist means like that is nothing short of political prostitution. Israel does not respect even the mentality of the Israelis. They hire blond women to justify the ugly practices of Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territory. That way, they are trying to fool the world public opinion. However, they won’t be able to.

“I think such move, if adopted, will only hurt them; Israel’s image and even the blonds themselves,” Dr. Mogy added.