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Egyptian farmers move to boycott Israel

Arab News
27 April 2002


Egyptian agricultural professions trade unions have called for ultimate boycott of Israeli agricultural production and fertilizers in protest of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

On Wednesday the trade unions issued a statement in which it announced names of Israeli companies and its agents in Egypt and called on the agronomists union to boycott them.

In a statement, the trade union said that some 12 Egyptian companies said they are agents for Israeli companies which sell fertilizers and seeds of cucumber, tomato and other seeds for farmers in Egypt.

During the political conference which was held in Alexandria in support of the Palestinian Intifada, attended by 5,000 agronomists, the trade unions said it will issue a monthly bulletin to farmers on what Israeli companies existed in the Egyptian market will do.

The agronomists issued a statement in which they called for removing the name of any agronomist from the profession practice list if he will not respond to the boycott decision or if he visits Israel.

Since long years Egypt and Israel have been cooperating in the agricultural field. Last week, the Egyptian minister of agriculture Youssef Wali said that agricultural cooperation with Israeli was halted.