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Today a lawsuit for support of racist apartheid,
tommorow a lawsuit for supporting racist zionism!

British banks face apartheid lawsuit

From Michael Dynes in Johannesburg
The Times (London)
July 24, 2002


THREE British banks accused of supporting apartheid South Africa could have to make multimillion-pound payouts, it was claimed yesterday.
Barclays, National Westminster and Standard Chartered would face substantial claims for compensation unless they made voluntary payments to compensate the victims of apartheid, Neville Gabriel, the spokesman for South Africa’s Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign said.

“The legal action will come as a last resort,” he said, “unless the banks publicly acknowledge their role in supporting the apartheid state and agree to make financial compensation.”

The three British banks, with up to six Swiss, American and German financial institutions, are accused of helping to prop up South Africa’s white minority Government in 1986 when a shortage of funds forced it to suspend all payments on its foreign debt.

“This was a perfect opportunity to help bring down apartheid by refusing it further credit,” Mr Gabriel said.

The threat of legal action comes after a Manhattan court in June allowed a $51 billion (£32 billion) case to be brought against UBS and Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s two biggest banks, and Citicorp Inc, which owns the American-based Citibank. They are accused of profiting from loans to the white-minority Government while a United Nations trade embargo against South Africa was in force.