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Protest Against Anti-Defamation League

Al Awda
8 August 2002


Join Human and Civil Rights activists and groups to Protest the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and to spread the word all around.

What: Demonstration to demand that ADL respect freedom of speech and expression and cease targeting human rights advocates

Where: In front of the ADL's office at 345 Whitney Avenue in New Haven

When: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 12 Noon

Why: The Anti-Defamation League frequently engages in attacking conscienscious Jews, Christians, Muslims and others for taking a stance for human rights and equality if they speak out against Israeli violations of human rights. The ADL seems unable or unwilling to distinguish criticism of Israeli violations of human rights (which we consider legitimate) from generalizations about Judaism or Jews. In their attacks on any group or individual criticizing the action of the Israeli regime, the ADL identifies itself with the actions that they supposedly fight against (bigotry, racism, prejudice, hate).


Groups Sponsoring: The Middle East Crisis Committee, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (Al-Awda-CT), Connecticut Peace Coalition / New Haven, Citizens for Fair Legislation, American Muslim Alliance-CT, Connecticut chapter of the Council for the National Interest, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee-CT chapter, Women in Black of Greater Hartford (list in formation, contact us to add your group)


Examples of ADL's misguided attacks:

Spring 2002 ADL attacks Tunxis Community College staff for including two critics of Israeli policies in a program at Manchester Community College. The ADL falsely describes as "two of the most virulent anti-Israel activists in the state of Connecticut"

June 2002 - ADL demands the Governor deny funds to New Haven's International Festival of Arts and Ideas because a play by Palestine's only theater group was included. ADL pushes for post play discussions (an unprecedented action following artistic plays).

June 2002 - ADL demands that seminar on Islam at Tunxis Community College be reviewed because it might be critical of Israel. Real reason: organizer of seminar had given eyewitness account of Israeli brutality in an interview to the New Haven Register.

July 2002 - ADL demands a teacher training seminar at Central Connecticut State include a "pro-Israel" speaker. According to the Jewish Ledger, "Jewish leaders" mobilized activists. Singled out for mention is Dr. Norton Mezvinsky, a CCSU history professor "known for his anti-Zionist views." Mezvinsky did in fact edit a book called "Anti-Zionism", a criticism of Jewish superiority laws in Israel. He also happens to be Jewish, has visited Israel many times and is an expert on Jewish religious extremists

July 2002 - ADL interferes in planned talk in Waterbury by Fred Shlomka of the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions demanding other speakers.

In all these cases, this constitutes unwarrented interference in freedom of expression and clear deviation from ADL's stated goals of working against hate and Anti-Judaism ("Anti-Semitism"). As ADL targets semitic people (Palestinian and other Arab Americans) and spreads misinformation about them, ADL becomes guilty of the same crime it supposedly targets.

Join us to demand that ADL:

- stop targeting critics of Israeli regime

- stop attacking Academic Freedom

- stop Defamation of supporters of Palestinian Human Rights