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New Documentary: "Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid"

by Wendy Campbell
1 August 2002


The documentary will feature recent footage of mass destruction and apartheid contitions in Palestinian territories by local peace activist Donna Wallach, personal eye-witness accounts by Refusenik Israeli soldier Tamir Sorek, activists Adam Shapiro of the International Solidarity Movement and Penny Rosenwasser of Middle East Children's Alliance, soulful interviews with Rabbi Michael Lerner of the Tikkun Community in San Francisco, and Jess Ghannam of The Palestinian Right to Return, as well as footage of local peace rallies and marches.  Some insightful historical commentary and narration by Wendy Campbell rounds out the documentary and puts the conflict into perspective.  This film proves that  Israel is NOT a democracy.

The goal is to spread the unadulterated truth about what the often ignored Palestinian experience is and has been, so that Americans will have their eyes opened up to what our government is enabling Israel to do, with over $4 billion of our U.S. tax dollars per year. U.S. tax dollars finance Israel's illegal and immoral Occupation and apartheid regime.  Hopefully, fair-minded Americans of conscience who seek justice and equal rights for all humanity will demand an end to enabling Israel with our tax money to continue its unjust war, and thus pressure Israel to become a true democracy for all the people of the land, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or sex.  The Palestinians must have liberty, justice, sovereignty, equal rights and peace. Now. This will ensure peace for Israelis too.


Concrete evidence of Israeli apartheid


Pictured above is a bypass highway for Jews-only and goes between Jerusalem and outlying Jewish settlements that are illegal according to international law and UN Resolutions. 

If Palestinians are caught on bypass highways like this, they are arrested, and / or beat up and /or shot and killed. 

The winding road underneath is the original road: the Palestinian road, which is need of repairs, and lengthens trips by hours. 

Please note: Palestinians pay taxes to the Israeli government but do not enjoy the same freedoms and amenities as Israelis.  Actually living conditions are very substandard in the Occupied Territories.  Nowadays, amenities are virtually nonexistent, as trash piles up and Palestinians are under curfew, and their movements are more restricted than ever. Even Israeli Arab non-Jews who live in Israel proper do not receive the same privileges and amenities as Jews.



Video tapes will be available for recommended donation of $20 or 20 Eurodollars (inc. international delivery) starting August 15.

Contact for info. 

Proceeds to benefit Middle East Children's Alliance and distribution of "Truth".