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Zionist Lobby Targeting UK Academics
24 October, 2002


A grotesque campaign by shadowy zionist groups is underway to attack UK academics who speak out against zionism and Israels treatment of Palestinians.

Head of Paper Science Research at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (Umist), Professor Michael Sinnott is under attack for an email he sent to Harvard Professor Stephen Greenblatt. Greenblatt is a self-confessed zionist and mouthpiece against the academic boycott of Israel. The email was in response to an unfair article by Greenblsatt against the academic boycott that appeared in the Sunday Telegraph.

In his email, Sinnott expressed "my disgust and anger at your orchestration of a campaign of press vilification of one of my colleagues, and of this institution".

Sinnott wrote: “Uniformed Israeli troops murder and mutilate Palestinian children, destroy homes and orchards, steal land and water and do their best to root out Palestinian culture and the Palestinians themselves.”

He continued: “With the recent crop of atrocities the Zionist state is now fully living down to Zionism’s historical and cultural origins as the mirror image of Nazism.

“Both ideologies arose in the same city, within 30 years of each other, and are both based on ideas of a superior/chosen people whose desires override the rights of the rest of us.

“Zionist atrociousness has been slower to develop, but victims learn from their victimisers, and with the atrocities in Jenin, Israel is about where Germany was around the time of Kristallnacht.”

Prof Sinnott condemned "the power of the American Jewish lobby" and added that in seven years he spent working at the University of Illinois at Chicago, "I was always amazed that the Israeli atrocities for which my tax dollars were paying were never reported in the American news media which were either controlled by Jews or browbeaten by them in the way you have just exemplified".

Umist is already under seige from zionist groups over its lecturer Professor Mona Baker's active support for the academic boycott of Israel. Umist spokesman Ian Howarth, caving in to pressure, is quoted by the Jewish Chronicle as saying: “Some of the analogies in this email have angered the university, and we are investigating if he has broken any rules or regulations."

In a separate attack, the Jewish Board of Deputies are hounding Birmingham University over a website set up by English lecturer Sue Blackwell. The website contains only a single page related to Palestine, and even that is simply a page of links to Palestinian information sites and Israeli peace groups. The Board of Deputies objected: “It is sad that she has allowed herself to become a mouthpiece for recognised anti-Israel groups. We hope that Birmingham will remove this link as a matter of urgency.”

See the site for yourself at:

Incredibly, Birmingham University instead of defending her right of expression seems to have bent over backwards to appease her attackers. A university spokeswoman said: “We suspect that Ms Blackwell’s website contravenes guidelines not to cause offence to students of a certain race or religion. If this is found to be the case, we will remove it.”.

Birmingham University has a history of zionist appeasement, earlier this year a motion was allowed to pass at the student council banning all anti-Israel literature on campus [see article]. The ludicrous reason given was that anti-Israel means anti-Semitic!

Zionists witch hunts on UK campus's must not go unchallenged. The spineless authorities at both Birmingham University and Umist must be held accountable for their shameless capitulation to zionist bullying.


Reference: Jewish Chronicle articles by Daniella Peled [Oct 3, 2002} & Gaby Wine [Oct 18, 2002]