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Zionists fake dismantling of settlements for TV camera

Palestinian Information Center
16 June 2003

Messainic Jewish settlers on Thursday said the Israeli Defense Minister connived with them to vacate a settlement site before Television cameras and return to it later.

A settler leader said the settlers were told to evacuate the outpost of Tel Hayim near Ramallah for a few days, ostensibly to create an impression that Israel is dismantling settlemenets on the eve Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's visit to Washington.

The settler leader, Noam Hass, a spokosesman for the Gush Emunim settler movement, said he was promised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense that they would be allowed to return to the site after Sharon's visit to Washington.

Hass said the settlers and defence establishment representatives were negotiating an arrangement that will prevent the evacuation by force of Tel Hayim where two families currently live at the outpost.

Meanwhile, the apartheid Israeli regime reported that the number of messianic Jewish settlers living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip has risen by 5,415 since the beginning of 2003, with Betar Illit growing the fastest, Interior Ministry statistics from the end of June reveal.

The Zionist Interior Ministry found that there are 231,443 settlers living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and that the largest settlements are Ma'aleh Adumim, Modi'in Illit and Betar Illit, Israel Radio reported Thursday morning.

The Settlers devour the lion's share of water resources, leaving 3.5 million Palestinians often literally thirsty.

The settlers, many of them immigrants from North America, are indoctrinated in a Nazi-like ideology, advocating the extermination, expulsion or enslavement of non-Jews in Palestine.

The Jewish-only settlements are financed mainly by grants and loans by the American government.

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