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Stop the occupation


[UK, London, Saturday 12th April 2003]


Keywords: Anti-war, peace, stop the war demonstration, Iraq, Palestine, 12-4-2003 UK London

Ann Quesne


Ann Quesne, Campaigns organiser co-ordinator for Land Mines Action talk on one of the most horrific weapons used in this war - cluster bombs:

"How can the American and British governments claim they want to keep civilian deaths to a minimum when they use cluster bombs?

They call it military utility - I think its more like carnage. Most cluster bombs contain around 200 bomblets many of which fail to explode leaving a deadly legacy for decades to come. Once the war is over people forget the long term impact of war on civilians and meanwhile explosive remnants remain on the ground for decades to come.

In the two years after desert storm ended in 1991, unexploded cluster bomblets killed 1600 Iraqi civilians and injured 1000s more. The military put the failure rate of those cluster bombs at 5% or less but during the last gulf war it is estimated that in some cases up to 40% were left on the ground live!"

Victim of the last gulf war


Hizbullah flag flying with the Palestinian flag

Bernard Regan

Bernard Regan, Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. He debunked the so called "Middle East Road Map":

"George Bush and Tony Blair have talked about a road map for the Palestinian people. Let me tell you something about that roadmap. It has 3 phases.

The first phase talks about the end to terror and violence. We have an answer to that, there is a simple way to end the terror and violence - let the israeli army withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza today!

There is a second phase to this so called roadmap where they talk about the "option" of an independent Palestinian state. Let us say to them clearly, there is no "option" for a Palestinian state - it is a right for the Palestinian people.

The third phase of this so called road map talks about effective Palestinian security performance. What does that mean? It means that Ariel Sharon will have a veto on any progress towards discussions for peace because the Israelis, as they have in the past, are quiet capable of creating provocation's and then turning around and blaming the Palestinians. There is no exceptions of an Israeli veto on the rights for the Palestinians for self-determination.

Yesterday at precisely this time two young Palestinian girls were making their way to their home in Raffah in Gaza. When they were walking home an Israeli soldier fired bullets which ricochet of the walls behind them. A young man went to rescue them, in broad daylight wearing a bright orange florescent vest. For a moment, a second, he turned his back on that soldier to protect those two young girls and he was shot in the head and killed. Thomas Hurndall , 20 years old from Manchester was one of a group of courageous members of the International Solidarity Movement who have been giving support to the Palestinian people. That courage should be replicated time and time again. The Palestinians must not be allowed to stand alone! "

A British peace activist going only by the name Alice
cries for help as she holds her hand over the headwound
of British peace activist Thomas Hurndall, who had been
shot in the head moments earlier, at the start of a protest,
in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, April 11, 2003.
Hurndall, age 21, from Machester, England, had been
standing between Israeli troops and Palestinian children
when Israeli soldiers opened fire, according to a fellow
activist from the International Solidarity Movement who
witnessed the scene. Hurndall was declared brain dead
after arrival at a Gaza hospital. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)




Stop the War - People not Profit


"Stop the War - People not Profit"

if you think bush is a cowboy shout yee-ha
if you think bush is a cowboy shout yee-ha
if you think bush is a cowboy
think bush is a cowboy
think bush is a cowboy shout yee-ha

if you think that blairs a poodle shout woof woof
if you think that blairs a poodle shout woof woof
if you think that blairs a poodle
think that blairs a poodle
think that blairs a poodle shout woof woof

if you think this war is for oil shout no war
if you think this war is for oil shout no war
if you think this war is for oil
think this war is for oil
think this war is for oil shout no war


"No Justice No Peace - UK and US out of the Middle East"



Carol Naughton, Chairperson CND

Carol Naughton, Chairperson of CND

"Tony Blair took us in to this illegal and immoral war and its him who's committed those inhuman war crimes against the people of Iraq and its now time for him to pay for it. CND together with other NGOs has already served papers on Jack Straw, Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair. We have told them that we will take them to the International Criminal Court for war crimes. Please help us with that - buy the white ribbons and help us do that, help us see him where he belongs. "


Help support the campaign to indict Blair for war crimes
by buying a £1 white ribbon




"Vote Labour"

Sue Doughty

Sue Doughty, Liberal Democrats MP:

"When this war started I asked [in parliament] what protection will be given to the Palestinian people when the cameras of the world were turned away? I was told of course we are very worried about the Palestinian people, but I wasn't given an answer and we know whats been going on in Palestine since this illegal war began. We must now demand justice in Palestine, immediate justice for those who are being killed on a daily basis, for those who are being treated as prisoners when they are innocent, to pull down that illegal wall which is being built across the occupied territories. This is urgent, this is important, this is now!"





Iraq for Iraq - Not US Contractors
TV "News" is in-bed with the "Coalition"
Why aren't we outside BBC HQ demanding a voice?


Reconstruction contracts given to companies
with close ties to White House

Even before the war had began, deals were being made in Washington to carve up the profits from post-war reconstruction.

Only American companies were allowed to tender for the contracts and among them only those with close ties to the White House were short listed.

The contract for the management of Iraqi oil fires and oilfield reconstruction was awarded to Halliburton, the Texas oil services company where Vice President Dick Cheney was chief executive from 1995 to 2000. Halliburton was promised as much as $7bn worth of work, although the figure is now likely to be less given that the Iraqis ensured the oilfields were left relatively undamaged. Mr Cheney is reported to be receiving anywhere from $160,000 to $1m a year from Halliburton for services rendered.

Bechtel was offered a contract worth up to $680m to restore Iraq's water and electricity supply and build roads, schools, sewers and hospitals. Bechtel has made $1.3m in political donations over the past four years,most of it to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington campaign watchdog. Its board of directors includes George Shultz, who was secretary of state during the Reagan administration. Its chairman and chief executive, Riley Bechtel, was recently appointed to George Bush's export council.

Bechtel has a long history of working with Saddam and is one of 24 US companies named as helping Saddam acquire weapons of mass destruction. A leaked story in Berlin's Die Tageszeitung newspaper (17/12/02) revealed that Bechtel appears in the original 12,000-page report Iraq submitted to the UN Security Council as helping Iraq acquire chemical weapons technology. In an unprecedented operation, which allegedly included blackmailing Colombia whose ambassador Alfonso Valdivieso who was the sitting Security Council president, the report was hijacked by US officials for censorship - deleting sensitive information on US-Saddam ties including US company names before copies being handed to the five permanent Security Council members. After further censoring a summary version trickled down to the remaining 10 members of the Security Council in December 2002.

Many predict that the initial reconstruction contracts are just the start and will lead to further lucrative work in Iraq, as the country rebuilds from decades of international sanctions and war.

Sources: articles in The Independent by Andrew Gumbel (19/4/03) and Tony Paterson (18/12/02), San Francisco Chronicle by David R. Baker (18/4/03), Die Tageszeitung (Berlin Daily) (17/12/02)

© 2003



A warning to the PM: "You reap what you sow Mr.Blair"

Glenda Jackson, Member of Parliament, although she couldn't attend she sent a message which was read out:

"..the only constant in this shameful saga is the governments dis and mis-information..

I am deeply ashamed of my government but very proud of the people of this country who still protest this war.. "

Ashamed to be British,
Get out of my government Tony "lying coward" Blair.




"Stop the sick lies about 'heroes' - invasion troops are killers"

Haifa Zangana


Haifa Zangana, Iraqi novelist in exile and spokesperson for "Act Together: Women Against Economic Sanctions on Iraq":

"I heard Geoff Hoon three days ago, he made a joke in the House of Commons about the looting of those cities and he encouraged them by saying those crowds are liberating whats being owned by the Iraqi regime. Do I understand from that, that Geoff Hoon is encouraging the crowds in this country also to loot the British Museum, the Tate gallery and all the city ?

Let me also tell you how the British civilised occupying forces treating Iraqis trying their best, despite all the bombardment, despite the killings, despite 12 years of sanctions, how they deal with four of the Basran city old men went to request an interview, to see the military commander of Basra city. They were refused to see him- they were stopped at the door of the commander and one british soldier he almost kicked them all, they wanted to say look we can make peace in the city we can prevent the looting in the city, we can take part in managing our city, we know our people better than you and what they did, that civilised democratic british soldier told them to "piss off" in arabic, and he used the word in arabic "emshi emshi" piss off iraqis. Now how do we rely on those people to liberate us, to implement democracy when they dont understand the essence of democracy themselves?"


Simple But Effective One-Liners

Just because you win doesn't make it right

2 men decide to declare war -
the whole world will bear the consequences

"You can bomb the world to pieces,
but you can't bomb it into peace"

This beautiful line is from the Michael Franti & Spearhead antiwar song 'Bomb the World' written about the bombing of Afganistan.There are two versions of the song - the normal and the Armageddon version. The lyrics to both are provided below and both versions of the song are currently available for free download (MP3) at the Spearhead website.

Bomb The World

Please tell me the reason
behind the colors that you fly
Love just one nation
and the whole world we divide
You say you¹re "sorry"
say, "there is no other choice"
but god bless the people them
who cannot raise their voice

We can chase down all our enemies
bring them to their knees
We can bomb the world to pieces
but we can¹t bomb it into peace
Whoa we may even find a solution
to hunger and disease
We can bomb the world to pieces
but we can¹t bomb it into peace

Violence brings one thing
more more of the same
military madness
The smell of flesh and burning pain
So I sing out to the masses
stand up if you¹re still sane!
To all of us gone crazy
I sing this one refrain


And I sing power to the peaceful
Love to the people y¹all
Power to the peaceful
Love to the people y¹all


Bomb The World (Armageddon Version)

I don¹t understand the whole reason why
You tellin¹ us all that we need to unify
Rally round the flag
And beat the drums of war
Sing the same old songs
Ya know we heard 'em all before
You tellin¹ me it¹s unpatriotic
But I call it what I see it
When I see it¹s idiotic
The tears of one mother
Are the same as any other
Drop food on the kids
While you¹re murderin¹ their fathers
But don¹t bother to show it on CNN
Brothers and sisters don¹t believe them
It¹s not a war against evil
It¹s really just revenge
Engaged on the poorest by the same rich men
Fight terrorists wherever they be found
But why you not bombing Tim McVeigh¹s hometown
You can say what you want propaganda television
But all bombing is terrorism

We can chase down all our enemies
Bring them to their knees
We can bomb the world to pieces
But we can¹t bomb it into peace
Whoa we may even find a solution
To hunger and disease
We can bomb the world to pieces
But we can¹t bomb it into peace

Fire in the skies
Many people died
And no one even really knows why
They tellin¹ lies of division and fear
We yelled and cried
No one listened for years
But like, "who put us here?"
And who¹s responsible?
Well, there¹s no debatin¹
Cause if they ask me I say
It¹s big corporations
World trade organization
Tri-lateral action
International sanctions, satan
Seems like it¹ll be an endless price tag
Of wars tremendous
And most disturbingly
The death toll is so horrendous
So I send this to those
Who say they defend us
Send us into harm's way
We should all make a rememberence that
This is bigger than terrorism
Blood is blood is blood and um
Love is true vision
Who will listen?
How many songs it takes for you to see
You can bomb the world to pieces
You can¹t bomb it into peace


Power to the peaceful
And I say, love to the people y¹all
Power to the peaceful
And I say, love to the people y¹all


Peace placards

Jeremy Corbyn, MP


Jeremy Corbyn, Member of British Parliament:

"This war could have been avoided, the Americans know that, the British government knows that, the whole world knows that. It was never about finding weapons of mass destruction. This was a war of occupation! To develop a new colony to pump out the oil and the other materials for the benefit of the west. reality the real looters are those that are preparing to loot the oil out of Iraq.

The Americans have made it very very clear that whilst George Bush, Dick Cheny and Rumsfeld and all the others might well claim this is a war for the Iraqi people to decide their own future, they the americans are going to choose the government of the future, they the Americans are going to make the Iraqi people pay an unpayable debt to the rest of the world, they the Americans are going to ensure with British support no doubt, that the Iraqi people remain subjugated and impoverished for decades to come.

There is tragically an ever wider agenda than this in the occupation of Iraq. We see the re-imposition of western colonial power in that region. You will see a pipeline open from Mosel through to Haifa, you will see the oil being pumped and you will see a deed ignorance of the continued killing of Palestinian people... "



Bush Blair you cannot hide.
Stop this evil genocide.

Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson, member of London Assembly (for the Green Party)

"And what about the weapons of mass destruction? None have been found, the chief weapons inspector has accused both the US and the UK of fabricating evidence... We dont know whether there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we do know that Britain has weapons of mass destruction..."

Disarm this warhead - George "Adolf" Bush


"God Bless America"


Iconic image of American brutality in Vietnam.
Another time, another country, another people,
but the same US criminal policies,
the same arrogance.

The Pulitzer Prize winning photograph was taken by Nick Ut in June 8 1972, and appeared on front pages of newspapers around the world. It shows Vietnamese children flee from their homes in Trang Bang village moments after it was bombed with napalm. The 9-year-old Vietnamese girl, Phan Thi Kim Phuc, running naked her skin is on fire and screaming in pain went on to be named a UNESCO goodwill ambassador twenty-five years later.

The image of innocent children terrorised by the most powerful army in the world is a permanent reminder for the collective conscience of what America stands for.



Hit America where it hurts - boycott its brands - Boycott Esso

Mark Seddon

Mark Seddon, Editor of Tribune and a member of the Labour national executive:

"We said this war would produce fabricated evidence, and today Hans Blix of the United Nations weapons inspectors is saying the same, you see they are sending people, not the United Nations weapons inspectors, but the United States weapons inspectors to Iraq! And if they cant find anything they'll plant it!

This war has been a wake up call for people across the world, its a wake up call because we know its not all over, we know that the neo-conservatives in the American administration have a view of this century, its called the American century. And its going to be a century of permanent war unless we stop them. And when people turn around to you and say why did you go and demonstrate after Baghdad fell, I think you can say you came out because you wanted to stop the next war!

Before I go I want to request one thing. Many people have spoken out against the war, but two members of parliament in particular - George Galloway and Tam Dalyell. Both members of parliament are being threatened with disciplinary action by the prime minister for speaking out. Send the Prime Minister a letter - tell him what you think!"


The fascism at the heart of America revealed

Tony Benn


Tony Benn, veteran politician and activist:

"There are three things we have to do...

The first is to understand precisely what has happened. America has invaded Iraq. America has conquered Iraq. America has turned Iraq in to an American colony and the new Iraq is totally undemocratic. The new Iraq is occupied by a country with weapons of mass destruction. The new Iraq is a threat to its neighbours Syria and Iran and maybe other countries. And the most serious case of looting that is going on in Iraq at the moment is the looting of Iraqi oil by the American military.

And remember this, imperialism is not a new phenomenon and all imperial powers always present themselves as humanitarians.

When Napoleon conquered Egypt he said he came as a liberator. We were told when we had a British empire that we were performing Gods Will all over the world. And do not believe for one moment that the people that are enslaved can be liberated by a foreign enemy that comes and steals their country from them. That is the first thing we have to understand.


The second thing to understand is that if we are to succeed we must build on the fantastic organisation that has been started by the stop the war movement. I know in my life time and I'm an old man, seen movements of this size or this character operating and what we have done is to build friendships between many peoples whom we are now told are our enemies. I hope the Muslims in Britain recognise they have millions and millions of friends in Britain and we value your presence here. And there are millions of Americans who support what we do and the American people are suffering from the war in their way, because Bush is cutting social security, he's even cutting the benefits for the Vietnam war veterans in order to make tax cuts and win the war. We have got to keep this movement intact.

... all imperial powers always present themselves
as humanitarians

Now the third thing we have to do is to act. I think its worth while reminding the British people that just as Iraq is an American colony, Britain is an American colony! And I want to liberate the people of Britain from the domination of our society by the United States of America and I want to see all the American bases in Britain closed. I do not want to see American bombers going from Fairford and bombing Syrians and Iranians the way they have bombed the Iraqis. And I want to see us make real in our generation the hopes of the United Nations. Now the United Nations is not perfect, but its what my generation built up at the end of the war. Now we must make it democratic, we must see that the great powers including America are bound to obey the laws of the United Nations. And if we are going to do that then we have to keep this movement alive in Britain, in America, in France, Germany, in China, all over the Arab world, all over Africa and Asia. Because the only power able to control the new empire is the people of the world and we must unite!

Liberation My Arse! - No to US dictatorship in Iraq
Bush-Blair Disarm you too hypocrites
UN not US

Download (shift-click) speech (real audio 5mins 622Kb)



Image of Tony Blair with the words "This mad man
Wanted for War Crimes" tattooed on his forehead.
With additional messages "Murderer - Dictator,
Beware he SMILES when he kills kids
and innocent people of Iraq"

"say hay ho tony blair has got to go
tony blair we know you, thatcher was a tory too!
tony tony tony out out out"



Bombs followed by Bibles - Thousands of Christian Fundamentalists Evangelists set to Invade Iraq

Extracts from articles by
Doug Saunders, Toronto Globe and Mail, 9th April 2003,
Matthew Engel, The Guardian, April 4th 2003
and By David Lawsky and Tom Miles, Reuters 2nd May 2003

Iraq is about to be invaded by thousands of U.S. Christian Fundamentalists Evangelists missionaries who say they are bent on a "spiritual warfare" campaign to convert the country's Muslims to Christianity.

Among the largest aid groups preparing to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqis ravaged by the war are Christian charities based in the southern United States that make no secret of their desire to convert Muslims to Christianity.

The largest of these is the Southern Baptist Convention, an ardent supporter of the war and supporter of President Bush has an opportunity to bring Christianity to the Middle East with the help of It says it has 25,000 trained evangelists ready to enter Iraq.

Mark Liederbach of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary said in a recent speech to the SBC that we are involved in a "spiritual warfare" campaign to convert Iraq's Muslims to Christianity.

Muslim groups say they believe the presence of evangelists is a sign that President Bush is trying to impose his own evangelical Christianity on Muslims. It does not help that Bush became a born-again Christian in the 1980s with the assistance of the Rev. Billy Graham.

"Here we have an army invading Iraq, followed by a bunch of people who want to convert everyone to Christianity," said Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on Islamic-American Relations. "How's that going to look in the Muslim world? And how's it going to look that this guy says Muslims are evil and he's the guy who works with the president?"

Hooper was referring to Graham's son, Franklin.The younger Rev. Graham, who delivered the invocation at Bush's inauguration in 2001, has repeatedly gone on the record describing Islam as a "wicked, violent" religion, with a God different from that of Christianity. "The two are different as lightness and darkness," he wrote. He runs an organisation called Samaritan's Purse, whose workers are in Jordan, waiting to move into Iraq.

Hooper called the groups involved "despicable and deceitful". "Humanitarian relief is just a cover. Their basic motivation is conversion. These groups train workers to go in under the guise of relief to convert people away from their faith. I know this because I've been on their training courses. There's a technique known as contextualisation. You never say directly you're Christian. You take chairs out of the church to make it look like a mosque. You grow a beard. You dress your wife in Islamic attire. They know they're not welcome."

Meanwhile the US is accused of preventing genuine humanitarian aid from reaching Iraq. In one instance the EU has accused the US of delaying urgently needed medical supplies from reaching Iraq [Reuters, 2 May 2003]:

EU says U.S. delays medical supplies for Iraq

The European Commission and Belgium blamed the United States on Friday for causing the last-minute cancellation of an airlift of critical hospital supplies for Baghdad.

The plane -- loaded with 19 tons of surgical equipment, vaccines, anaesthetics, oxygen, syringes, operating tables and pre-natal care supplies -- had been set to leave on Friday from Belgium, which opposed the U.S.-led war on Iraq.

Shortly before take-off, the Belgian C-130 transport was held at Melsbroek military airport, with no likelihood of departure before Tuesday, a week after the date originally set.

European Commission humanitarian affairs spokesman Michael Curtis said the delay had been caused by US military authorities asking for a change in the flight plan.

The Commission said there was no problem landing at Baghdad, but a Belgian military spokesman said US landing permission at the city's airport had not been given.

Asked why it would take until next week to get a new flight plan for medical supplies, Curtis said:

"I think that's a question you'll have to ask the American authorities."



"If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention!"



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Special Features: Imam Khamenei's message on Iraq, Artists Against the War, US Troops & looting.

And more photos and sounds from the rally

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