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Globalisation: Perspective


Globalisation is often described as the new imperialism. In this techno world of instant global communications and free flow of capital, no longer are invading armies and the show of physical might necessary for subjugating the developing world. The war is fought on several fronts - the economic, the political and the cultural.

On the economic battlefield the new weapons in the imperialist arsenal include the multinationals and its global institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF and now the WTO. They continue the systematic pillage of the developing worlds resources and labour whilst flooding their markets in the name of "free trade" and crippling any possible future with the burden of unjust debts.

MTV in China - sponsered by the Nescafe

The new assault of cultural imperialism is spearheaded by Satellite TV - MTV broadcasting to every home, in every language the same non-culture; and the Internet - ensuring that any immorality is just a click away.


Has this age of globalisation nothing to offer Muslims?

It is the advances in technology that have brought about the conditions for globalisation. But technology is in itself neutral - its the application of it that has a negative or positive effect on society. Muslims are beginning to demonstrate that they too can use these new channels of communication - for the advancement of the Ummah. The fact that we are communication with YOU right now via this web page is an indication of the potential at hand. The internet has enabled Muslims for the first time to communicate of their oppression directly to other Muslims on a global scale - we are no longer hostages of what the western media chooses to report. Ayatullah Fadlallah holds regular live QA sessions over the internet with Muslims participating from every corner of the globe. The world is now a global village - and perhaps the unity of a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, global ummah is no longer an impossible dream - the first step to unity is communication.

As Muslims we cannot afford to ignore globalisation - the evils it embodies and the positive opportunities that are its by- products. In fact we must rise to the meet the challenge. Anti-globalisation movements have sprung up in every county. The west has not seen such grassroots participation in a protest movement since the sixties. We as Muslims must be seen to take our place shoulder to shoulder with the rest of humanity.


No to WTO (World Trade Organization)

Drop the Debt

Popular anti-globalisation protests around the world,
but were are the Muslims?