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Islamic Revolution
The 21st Anniversary

On Sunday 6th February 2000, the Islamic Centre London England held a program to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Here we bring you the highlights:


The Islamic Revolution from the Quranic Viewpoint

A Lecture by
Ayatullah Mesbah Yazdi,
Director of the Imam Khomeini Research Institute, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ayatullah Mesbah Yazdi examines the Islamic Revolution in Iran - its roots and factors that led to its success, purely from the Quranic perspective.

"Allah reminds us in the Holy Qur'an on a number of occasions that if you want victory, honour and dignity than it is only through persistant reliance on Allah alone, being totally submissive to the will of Allah, that this can be achieved."

English translation by
Hujjatul Islam Ibrahim Kazerooni

Listen to lecture - only english translation (real audio 29mins)
Download (shift-click) lecture (1.85Mb)

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Memories of the Islamic Revolution

A sister from Ahwaz (South West Iran) who was a 17 year old student at the time of the revolution shares a few memories:

"We knew that the revolution was like a tree and we were watering that tree by blood , money, by whatever we had, but we also knew that after this tree grows up we are protected by this tree. "


"I know a lot of elderly ladies, they had problems with their health, and if you were to ask them to go out for walking they wouldn't go for example for shopping or what ever but if they knew that for example tommorow there is going to be a demonstration and that they should walk for example for five or six hours then they would prepare themselves - they put oil on their feet, they massaged their feet they wore some medical socks or whatever so that they could take part and participate in the demonstration.."

Contact us if you wish to obtain a
Video (PAL VHS) or Audio Tape of the event