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15 Jan 2000 (1420), London

"I invite Muslims all over the globe to consecrate
the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan as
'Quds Day'
and to proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims
in support of the legitimate rights of the
Muslim people of Palestine."

Imam Khomeini,
Ramadhan 1399AH (August 1979)

"Zionism = Racism"
"No Peace without Justice"

"We have gathered here today in support of the our
oppressed brothers and sisters around the world,
in Palestine the Isaeli forces are using state terrorism
against our brothers and sisters ...
their houses are demolished, their lands stolen
and their dignity taken away from them..

We have gathered here also for the support of our other
brothers in Chechnya, in Kosova and everywhere else,
in support of our sisters in Turkey who have been denied
the right of wearing hijab.

This gathering is a gathering for the oppressed,
as demanded by the late
Imam Khomeini, rahmatullah alay..."

Massoud Shadjareh
Chairman of Islamic Human Rights Commission

"Stop Genocide in Chechnya"

"... the issue of Palestine is an issue which is the centre of all Muslim Ummahs hearts. The issue of Palestine doesn't belong to the Palestinian people, this is an issue which belongs to each and every one of us..."

Maulana Nur Siddiqui
Hijaz Islamic College

"Stop Genocide in Chechnya"

"Free Hostages in Israel"
"Free Sheikh Obaid"

Sheikh Abdul Karim Obaid was kidnapped from Lebanon and against all international laws has been held hostage by Israel for 10 years.

"Stop Genocide in Chechnya"
"Allah O Akbar"

Finishing the rally with the Prayer for Unity - Dua Wahda, this prayer was first receited by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) upon the victorious liberation of Mecca by the Muslims.

Listen to Dua Wahda from rally (real audio - 150sec)
Download (shift-click) Dua Wahda (real audio - 312kb)