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Whilst cleaning out some old college papers I came across a set of letters dating back to over 11 years ago. The letters formed a correspondence between me and the manager of the students residence where I lived whilst studying at Leeds University.

I had put up a poster on my door about the Quds Day demonstration (see below), the manager demanded I take it down. I refused, and 10 letters were exchanged over a period of two months.

After the letter exchange I got to keep the poster on my door where it stayed for the rest of the year.

The letters, whilst written by a young inexperienced perhaps over zealous student, still makes worthy reading. They illustrate the correct response to accusations that anti-zionism equals anti-semitism, i.e if you oppose israel then you are anti-semitic.


The Letters

Letter One / Reply One
Letter Two / Reply Two
Letter Three / Reply Three
Letter Four / Reply Four
Letter Five / Reply Five


Quds Day Poster


Download large Quds Day poster 241k (800x1136)