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Muslim Response to Globalisation,
by Hujjatul Islam Dr.Saied Reza Ameli

Globalisation: The New Rulers of the World,
by John Pilger

Different Approaches to Morality in Islam,
by Hujjatul Islam Dr.Muhammad Ali Shomali

Convergence in Muslim Political Thought: the contribution of Imam Khomeini,
by Dr Kalim Siddiqui

Feminist Expectations and the Response of Muslim Women,
by Hujjatul Islam Dr.Saied Reza Ameli

OPEN TO QUESTION : Ms Turan Jamshidian,
Editor-in-chief Mahjubah Magazine

Hujjatul Islam Dr.Saied Reza Ameli
Founder, Institute of Islamic Studies

Islamic Society between Dogma, Reaction and Realism,
by Hujjatal Islam Ibrahim Kazerooni
Islamic Revolution - a Quranic Viewpoint,
by Ayatullah Mesbah Yazdi
Personal Memories of the Islamic Revolution
Dua Wahda (Prayer of Unity)
Ahmed Deedat's visit to Iran